Meet Our Friends

Who's PI Prairie Dog

PI Prairie Dog is a scientist known as a "principal investigator." He lives in the western United States in a large prairie dog colony called a town or village. An undisturbed colony can have thousands of residents and extend for miles in all directions. One colony that was discovered in the 19th century was as big as Belgium! Even though PI Prairie Dog has a "dog" name, he is actually part of the squirrel family.

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Who's Teacher Turtle

Teacher Turtle lives in the toasty tropical waters, referred to as the Pacific "warm pool," off the coast of Papua New Guinea, just north of Australia. She is one of eight species of sea turtles worldwide, all of which are threatened or endangered. Humans and climate change are the major threats to her survival.

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Who's Professor Polar Bear

Professor Polar Bear's home is located at "the top of the world" just north of Barrow, Alaska. Barrow is located at the northernmost point on the continent, 330 miles north of the Arctic Circle. It is Alaska's largest Eskimo village.

In Barrow, knowledge about the environment and animal behavior continues to be essential for day-to-day survival. The Professor learned much of what he knows about the environment from the 4,000-year-old Iñupiat Eskimo Tribe.

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