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Interactive Word Seeks

These interactive word seeks will test your skills and climate change vocabulary! Simply find the words on the word lists, and circle them using your mouse. The words will disappear off the list as you find them. You can even rescramble the puzzles, and try again!

Other Activities

Climate, Coloring, Crosswords... and Other Fun Stuff!

For proper viewing, coloring pages should be viewed with Adobe Acrobat Reader. Download the latest version from the Adobe Reader website.

The ARM Climate Research Facility Education and Outreach Program is proud to present Climate, Coloring, Crosswords... and Other Fun Stuff! This book, which debuted at the 2005 American Meteorological Society WeatherFest, is filled with coloring pages, word seeks, crosswords, dot to dots, and other great activities. For your convenience, the activity book can be viewed by individual page or as a complete book (PDF, 3MB).



Dot to Dots


Other Activities

Word Seeks

Are you stumped? Email our team for help! We'll help you solve those tricky puzzles with an answer key. Available also by request if you just want to check your work. NOTE: To avoid giving away homework answers, please allow at least one week for email delivery.