Teacher's Toolbox: Resources for Teachers

Our educational outreach program is involved in climate change outreach in the communities and regions hosting ARM's data-gathering field sites. The goal of the education and outreach program is to develop basic science awareness and increase critical thinking skills focusing on environmental science and climate change for K-12 students. In addition, the program supports relationship building between teachers, students, scientists, and the community.

The educational outreach program complements ARM's scientific efforts because outreach staff uses ARM Climate Research Facility objectives and data to enrich students' science programs. Each site is different, and the outreach staff is committed to incorporate the regional culture into the educational program materials that will be developed.

Activities in the past for the program have included teacher in-service days, community and teacher workshops, educational kiosks, curriculum development, and site tours.

Other fun activities, like interactive word seeks, crossword puzzles, online hangman, and ARM's Cloud Twist, are shared in the student section of the website.