Contact: Lynne Roeder, ARM Public Information Officer, 509.372.4331
Onsite: Press Room or Exhibit Space 2654/2753

Scientists involved in the Department of Energy’s Atmospheric Radiation Measurement (ARM) Program lead the world in research related to the interaction of clouds and radiation, while the ARM Climate Research Facility has become the standard for ground-based climate research observations. Scientific endeavors using ARM range from short-term field campaigns to long-term data analyses, model comparisons, and measurement validation efforts. At the 2008 American Geophysical Union (AGU) Meeting, more than 35 posters and presentations showcase research results using data from ARM.

Featured Speakers

Dr. Warren Wiscombe

Warren Wiscombe, Brookhaven National Laboratory

Dr. Wiscombe is the Chief Scientist for the ARM Program, a senior scientist for NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center, and a former AGU officer. His research has centered on remote sensing and radiative transfer of clouds, single scattering theory, and the development of new satellite system concepts.

Press Conference: Wednesday, December 17, at 9-10 am
Dr. Wiscombe co-chairs a panel to discuss "Peak oil and future climate change scenarios."

Related Session: U42A – Thursday, December 18, MC 3016 at 10 am

Dr. David Mitchell

David Mitchell, Desert Research Institute (DRI)

Dr. Mitchell is an associate research professor at DRI and an active member of the ARM Science Team. His latest research, based on advances in modeling and remote sensing developed through the ARM Program, sheds light on the concentration, size, and fall speeds of ice crystals in cirrus clouds and their effect on the global energy budget.

Press Conference: Wednesday, December 17, at 10-11 am
Dr. Mitchell will summarize his ideas for using cirrus clouds for "Geoengineering through solar radiation management."

Related Session: U43A-0044 – Thursday, December 18, Hall D - pm

For information about other posters and presentations by ARM scientists at the AGU meeting, contact Lynne Roeder onsite at the AGU press room; via email at; or call 509-521-2922.

ARM Display

User Facility Exhibit

The ARM exhibit showcases streaming data from its research sites across the globe, as well as a large poster featuring key research results from the past year and many other informational materials. Visit the display to talk with scientists who use the facility for their research, or pick up the 2008 Annual Report and other fact sheets to learn about ARM field campaigns and data collections. The display is available all week at the AGU Exhibit Hall in space 2654/2753.