Employment Opportunities

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PositionInstitutionClose Date
PostdocLos Alamos National Laboratory2011.10.14
PostdocThe National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR)2011.10.14
Associate Professor in Climate ScienceUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign2011.11.04
Assistant ProfessorMcGill University2011.11.04
Graduate FellowshipDOE2011.11.07
Radiative Modeling ConsultantEuropean Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF)2011.12.08
Meteorology Faculty PositionUniversity of Oklahoma2011.12.15
Postdoc FellowshipsPACE & NOAA2011.12.16
Postdoc for NASA GoddardColumbia University2011.12.22
Research AssociateUniversity of Oklahoma2012.01.05
Faculty PositionStony Brook University2012.01.06
Atmospheric Modeling ScientistThe Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)2012.01.13
PostdocPacific Northwest National Laboratory2012.03.01
ARM NSA Project LeadSandia National Laboratories2012.03.20
Early Stage Researcher (PhD) in Atmospheric SciencesInitial Training for Atmospheric Remote Sensing (ITARS)2012.06.07
PostdocUniversity of Colorado2012.06.26
Leadership Position for Atmospheric System Research (ASR)DOE2012.06.29
PostdocPacific Northwest National Laboratory2012.08.01
Remote Sensing Retrieval ScientistsAtmospheric and Environmental Research (AER)2012.09.04
Postdoctoral Research AssociateshipNational Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR)2012.09.10
Postdoctoral ResearcherColumbia University2012.09.10
Two Postdoctoral Positions for MJO Modeling ResearchUniversity of Miami2012.09.10
Developer for Radar Data ProductsArgonne National Laboratory2012.09.12
Management PositionBrookhaven National Laboratory2012.09.20
Radar Meteorology Research ScientistColorado State University2012.09.25
Tenure-Track Faculty PositionUniversity of North Dakota2012.09.27
ARM Aerial Facility ScientistPacific Northwest National Laboratory2012.09.27
Three Tenure-Track PositionsMcGill University2012.10.25
New Position at GS13-15 levelDOE/BER Climate and Environmental Sciences Division2013.01.02
Four Atmospheric Sciences PostdocsInitial Training for Atmospheric Remote Sensing (ITARS)2013.01.16
Deputy Division DirectorArgonne National Laboratory 2013.12.02
Environmental Science PostdocArgonne National Laboratory2013.06.06
Postdoc/Project Scientist to Use Cloud Observations to Improve Climate ModelsNOAA2013.06.10
Senior Scientist - Radiation Modeling ResearchEuropean Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF)2013.08.05
Computer Systems EngineerArgonne National Laboratory2013.08.14
Postdoctoral PositionLawrence Livermore National Laboratory2013.09.11
Two Faculty Positions University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign2013.09.26
Radar Engineer for ARM FacilityNative Energy & Technology, Inc.2013.10.25
Postdoctoral PositionUniversity of Miami2013.11.19
Two Faculty Positions in Extreme Weather and Regional Climate ChangeStony Brook University2013.11.19
Research PositionBrookhaven National Laboratory2014.01.29
Postdoctoral ResearcherNational Center for Environmental Prediction2014.02.14
Postdoctoral PositionUniversity of Chicago’s Computation Institute2014.02.15
Assistant ProfessorPurdue University2014.05.14
Scientific Data ManagementBrookhaven National Laboratory2014.05.31
Advanced Applications Engineer in Scientific Data ManagementBrookhaven National Laboratory 2014.05.31
Assistant ProfessorUniversity of Wyoming2014.06.12
Research Associate for ARM Data Quality OfficeUniversity of Oklahoma2014.07.07
Postdoctoral PositionLund University2014.07.11
Lecturer/Associate Professor in CloudsUniversity of Reading2014.08.03
Lead Mentor for the ARM Soil Water and Temperature System (SWATS)ARM Climate Research Facility2014.08.05
Radar Engineer for ARM FacilityPacific Northwest National Laboratory2014.08.19
Radar Engineer for ARM FacilityLos Alamos National Laboratory2014.08.27
Postdoctoral PositionLawrence Livermore National Laboratory2014.08.29
Scientific AssociateBrookhaven National Laboratory2014.09.05
Advanced Applications EngineerBrookhaven National Laboratory2014.09.17
Faculty in the Department of Atmospheric SciencesUniversity of Miami2014.11.07
Supporting Scientist Positon for ARMLawrence Livermore National Laboratory2014.11.26
Postdoctoral Researcher PositionUniversity of Reading2014.12.27
Postdoctoral Research ScientistColumbia University2015.02.27
Support ScientistNOAA2015.03.13
ASR Program Manager DOE2015.04.10
Physical ScientistEnvironmental Protection Agency2015.08.19
Postdoctoral Research Staff (Job ID: 100177)Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory2015.10.31
Postdoctoral Research Associate (Job ID: 650858)Sandia National Laboratories2015.10.31
Research AssociateCooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences 2015.10.31
Faculty Positions (2) in Atmospheric ScienceColorado State University2015.10.31
Postdoctoral Research AssociateUniversity of Oklahoma/CIMMS2015.11.04
ARM Instrument MentorAtmospheric Radiation Measurement2015.11.02
Postdoctoral ResearcherArgonne National Laboratory2015.12.10
Post Doctorate RA - SOA ModelingPacific Northwest National Laboratory2016.01.04
Assistant Professor of Cloud Physics and Climate ChangeUniversity of California, Davis2016.01.31
Postdoctoral FellowLunds Universitet2016.03.31
Lecturer/Associate Professor/Professor of Earth Observation with Satellite RadarsUniversity of Reading2016.06.05
Postdoctoral Appointee Argonne National Laboratory2016.07.31
Postdoctoral Position in Atmospheric Physics Center for Weather Forecast and Climate Studies (CPTEC) 2016.07.10
Postdoctoral Research Staff Member for Cloud Processes ResearchLawrence Livermore National Laboratory2016.08.31
Cloud Processes, Modeling, and Remote Sensing Postdoc PositionsBrookhaven National Laboratory2016.08.31
Research AssistantCIRES/NOAA2016.09.24
Electrical Engineer (R&D Engineer 2/3)Los Alamos National Laboratory2016.09.23
Post Doctorate RA - Climate SciencePacific Northwest National Laboratory2016.08.31

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